The Spirit of the Cross
"The Isaiah Cross Project"

Christ The Spirit of the Cross"The Isaiah Cross Project"

The vision for this piece was given to Mike Flanagan a little over 18 years ago. God has allowed this to be developed in His own timing. We were allowed to look at multiple sites for the sculpture with the final site donated by a very generous family in the Sheridan, Wyoming area.

The site is on the South side of Interstate 90, approximately 4.5 miles South of Sheridan. There is a picture turnout with a large parking area with benches in place. The view is probably the most magnificent of any in the whole Northern Wyoming region overlooking the Big Horn Mountain range. From horizon to horizon looking East to West covers approximately 60 miles.

  • The finished sculpture will be 42 feet tall, the cross alone 30 feet by 19 feet and the eagle will have a 14 foot wingspan.
  • The cross will be fabricated of steel and allowed to acquire an natural patina.
  • The eagle will be cast in bronze from the sculptured original by Mike Flanagan.
All work will be provided by volunteers and donations are being solicited for this project. The estimated cost of materials for this massive project will be between $20,000 and $30,000. All work will be provided by volunteers, there will be no financial gain for anyone involved in this project.

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